The challenge of this module started with the project of a consumer product. ‘Creating a smart workplace that supports and stimulates both employee and employer in a healthy, productive flexible and inspiring way of working. While keeping an open eye for potential consumer markets.’ This is an assiment for the company Ahrend. 

To tackle this task groups of three different studies were created. With a focus on the values of Ahrend and the strength of the
different study backgrounds are used to find a satisfying solution. However, the project requires next to these professional skills a lot of teamwork.

The most important problem when working from home, is the fact that the employer has to pay a certain amount of money for the health risk of the employee. At least, this is the case when a working environment doesn’t meet the Arbo laws. We find it very important that the employee is able to really close of the workspace. By being able to hide your workspace, you both mentally and physically are away from your work. Our idea is meant for employees that work at an office, but would rather work from home.

We think that the perfect workspace can most probably be created at your own home. The main reasons are the fact that you don’t have to travel to your work and that you’re able to work in the comfort of your own home. In contrary, there are some disadvantages like the possibility of being distracted by your environment. That’s why it’s essential that our workspace makes sure that the employee stays motivated and isn’t influenced by environmental distractions. It’s also very important that our workspace meets the Arbo laws, so the employer won’t have to pay for the health risk of the employee.

 In the current market, there are some solutions to this problem, but they are usually really expensive and big. This would mean that you have to add a big desk to your home, while a smaller solution would be a better fit.