Green Seats

Always wanted to have your own little vegetable garden? Well now you can! With Green Seats and area for growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs is created with the added opportunity to sit down and have a chat with some of your neighbors.

Residents that are interested in participating in this project will recieve a “Seeds starter kit” which will contain an assortment of seedpackages with instructions, an overview of when to plant what kind of vegetable/fruit/herb, some name tags and a recipe booklet. With this bag the residents can start their journey to growing their own vegetables.

The received seeds can be planted in the plant boxes. Residents will have to take care of their plants themself. When they work on the plants they come into contact with others and can discuss progress on their plants. They can make plans to go and work on them together and maybe have a drink afterwards. This will create a community feeling. Research showed there’s a need for this.

As soon as the vegetables/fruit/herbs are ready to be harvested, the participants can take the recipe booklet to look up recipes for the havested vegetables. For example if the tomatoes are ready to be picked you can take a look at the tomato section in the booklet to see it there are any recipes that you would like to make. If you would like to make the gazpacho you would need some garlic, maybe your neighbor has these ready and you could make the recipe together.