My Tag

 The idea of MyTag is that the client can take one of the blocks and place it on the task they want to do, for example on a pile of laundry. Then with the use of the web application they can set a timer and choose a color for the light for each slot. The light will get brighter as time progresses and at the end the timer will go off and the light will pulse until the tag is placed back in the slot. Then when they achieve the task, they can place the block back into the device, this then stops the timer. On the side of the prototype there is a strip that can be used to extend the timer to give participants extra time to complete a task. There is also a whiteboard marker provided that can be used to write the task on either the whiteboard surface inside the tag-slot when the tag is taken out. There are also tags available with a whiteboard surface so on these the task itself can also be written.

    The aim of this project is to test the usability of MyTag by means of participatory design with the intended target group. An altered version of the protocol developed by Floris van den Oever will be used. However, during the testing phase of the product some difficulties were encountered, because of this the testing was changed from only participatory design with the intended target group into added testing and feedback by people without a cognitive impairment. This was done to compare experience and get some added feedback; in the report this is being referred to as Session 2. For this session participants with a design background or some experience with working with people with a cognitive disability were chosen.