Find Your Way

You are at a festival but you’re always lost, you lost your friends, your tent and where was that stage again? Recognize this? Then the “Find Your Way” is something for you.

Product values users:

  • Friends tracking, in the menu you can choose friends tracking and select the friend you want to find and you’ll be directed to that person
  • Finding your tent, you can save the location of your tent and in the menu, you can choose to find your tent and be directed to it.
  • Finding specific locations such as the stages, the bathrooms, showers, food stands etc.
  • Receiving messages on routes in case of emergency
Product values organisation:

  • Tracking the location of visitors on the festival, this information can be used for crowd management/crowd control, data can be up-to-date so during the festival action can be taken on problem areas
  • Sending messages to specific groups of people to guide them to less crowed areas or in case of emergency to the best exit route


You can activate the product by pressing the screen. You will next see a menu; you can scroll through the menu by rotating the ring. To select something you press the screen. A radar will show you the direction you have to walk in, the lighted area becomes bigger when you get closer to the location.