Dyson Citrus Juicer

The Dyson Duo Juicer contains innovative technology to efficiently juice your citruses, so you can quick and easy enjoy your healthy juice.

The advantages of the Dyson Duo Juicer:

– Cutting and pressing simultaniously; This citrus juicer will cut your orange in two when you you press the first two halves. All in one movement. So you can quickly enjoy your fresh juice.

-A reservoir for your juice; The Dyson Duo Juicer has a large reservoir, so all your citrusjuice can be stored until you’re ready to drink it.


-Low volume; Forget about the noise of electric juicer this mechanical Dyson Duo Juicer produces very little noise.

-Quick and easy to clean; The Dyson Duo Juicer can be easily cleaned, all the parts that get into contact with the juice can be cleaned in the dishwasher. You don’t have to waste time cleaning everything by hand.

About Dyson: Dyson machines are being used in over 65 contries all over the world. Dyson has grown from a one-man idea to a technologica company with over a 1000 enigineers world wide. The development never stops there’s always room for improvement.