Bodum Citrus Juicer


The assignment for this project is the design of a citrus juicer for non-electronic juicing of citrus fruit. The citrus juicer has to have a transfer of labour that makes the juicing easier. The citrus juicer also has to fit in a certain environment (daycare in this case) and with the aesthetics of a certain brand (Bodum).
In this project, the first step was to analyse the bran Bodum and the environment of the daycare but also an analysis of the competitors is in order. Then came sketching some early ideas by hand by drawing inspiration from the brand and environment. 

This project was not only about the outside and aesthetics of the product but also how it mechanically works on the inside. In the workshop, a visual model was created of the outside (as can be seen in the fourth picture below) and the inside was dawn up and thought through with all needed materials and measurements, as can be seen in the third picture below.