Pukka packaging re-design

For the packaging course, it was important to take the brand values and look and incorporate it into a new product that wasn’t part of the brands line, but could very well be fitting in it. 

II chose to design a gift packaging with a can with tea in a new flavour that Pukka doesn’t have yet. It also comes with everything else you need, a ceramic cup, a tea strainer and a measuring spoon. This all comes in a luxury box with the brand imaging on the outside. 


The elements need to stay all nice and organized in the box and protected from outside forces, for this a paperform insert is placed in the box.

All the packaging and materials have a certain purpose, the steel used for the tea tin, protects the tea from UV, moisture, oxygen and odor transfer. 

The cost-price of all the parts is also calculated and distribution isn’t left out.