The Launcher

This project the assignment was to create a SMART product, an outside game for children. The inspiration for this design came from a lot of market research. The battleship game was the main inspiration, but transformed into a game that is played outside.  

The game is suitable for 2 players (children aged 6-10) but can also be played by a child and a parent or older sibling. Both player has a so-called canon where a soft ball can be launched to the other side. With this ball, they have to try and hit one of the targets on the other side. 

Both players launch balls to the other side and the one that hits all the targets first wins. There is a trial run at the beginning of the game to make all players familiar with the game. Different levels of difficulty can be set so there is no unfair advantage for either player. The targets will get more or less sensitive for hits depending on the level of the players. Children will get away from their computers and tablets and go outside but still get to play a fun game. They learn about competition and spacial awareness and get some physical movement in the process.